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I’m old, people. Get over it. Because, just like everyone else who’s over 30, 40, or more, I still feel a lot younger than my chronological years, mentally at least. And yes, it’s a true cliche that having kids when you’re (fingers making quote marks) “older” does keep you young. DD was born when I was 36; she’s 21 now (you can do the math šŸ™‚ ) and DS came along 5 1/2 years later.
They’re fun. Older DS was born when I was way too young, and brought up by his very loving and wonderful adoptive parents. There’s an older post referencing finding him; you can go and read if you want.

The ever-popular “100 things”

OK. Maybe we’ll start out with 5. Or 10. Or something.

  1. I’m a techno-geek. If I’d been born later, I’d probably be even more so. But I was born when computers were machines that filled entire rooms and guys in gray suits and skinny ties and horn-rim glasses were the only ones who knew anything about them. See Desk Set for an example.
  2. I have a great love (Macs)/hate (PCs) relationship with computers.
  3. I love the Internet (now known on many of the blogs I read as “teh interwebs” and “teh internets”. Cute.)
  4. I’m a Sikh. That’s why some of my blog listings are ones from that part of my world.
  5. But, I read a lot of other blogs, like these:
  6. I comment on a LOT of blogs. “arrgghh – she’s everywhere, she’s everywhere!!!!”
  7. I read books. A lot. As a kid, I used to drive my mother crazy by emptying the dishwasher while reading a book held in front of my nose.
  8. I read while I’m brushing my teeth. I escape from the sometimes hum-drum real world into much more thought-provoking, interesting, fluffy, fun places by reading.
  9. But no, I don’t read non-fiction (usually). It’s an escape, people. The newspaper is enough reality for me.
  10. I love the library. I prefer to borrow than to buy, especially if I’m only ever going to read something once.
  11. If I read something from the library and love it, I often go buy it anyway.
  12. NEW FOR 2009: I’ve become a certified Twitter addict, and can usually be found there. And? Blip.fm is the BOMB!!! Check it out!

OK. A dozen, for now. Carry on.


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