The “Ten Books” Meme

I was a little put out no one had tagged me for the “Ten Books That Changed My Life” meme going around Facebook – what? you all didn’t know I read ALL.THE.TIME??

No matter. When Neil Kramer proposed a Facebook group to organize the lists of all his friends and whoever was interested, I jumped right in.

Here’s my list, with explanations and expansions and links to thoughts on many of them as written elsewhere here. Oh, and? Um, more than ten, I know. I counted more than one by the same author as one, though. And then *had* to add Stones from the River, as it is the one book that I’ve ever read that explains really well how it was that the German people were so taken in by Hitler, and how much the “frog in a pot of boiling water” analogy applies.

Perhaps you’re glad now you didn’t ask??

Oh, and? just because a title doesn’t have a link doesn’t mean I thought any less of it than others; it just means I’ve been too lazy to write about it here or anywhere. They’re still all great reads.


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