Why I’m Just Not Excited About Twitter Anymore…

I recently was put in temporary charge of my employer’s Twitter account, so I started paying attention to both that stream, and to my own, using Hootsuite (which is a pretty useful tool, btw).

What I’ve noticed is what I felt I’d been seeing for quite awhile already in my own Twitter stream. Nobody’s actually TALKING to each other. In my own account, I follow about 800 people, and over 1400 follow me. In my employer’s account, we follow nearly 5900 people and close to 6900 follow us. Maybe, in both cases, it’s just way too many, I don’t know…

In both accounts, what I see all the time is people just posting stuff – links, thoughts, RTs, etc. But very seldom does anyone actually respond to what someone else (read, me!) has posted – even when the tweet specifically “@mentions” another person. There are few conversations actually being started up, or followed up on.

Is it me? Seems like when I was most active in Twitter, about 18 months ago, I was having actual interactions with people. Now? almost never.

So, I moved on to Facebook. Yes, it’s true. I’m one of those crazies. But NOT a game-player, by the way. You’ll never find me in Farmville or wherever. I “hide” almost all the posts from FB friends that are just game or app status updates. I’ve found it means I miss nearly everything from a few of my FB friends (>cough – brother! cough<) but even so, I participate in many more actual conversations and interactions with people there.

I feel seen, noticed, recognized – unlike on Twitter. And am building some nice on-line friendships there, not only with old IRL friends, but with Tweeters and bloggers who I especially enjoy.

So, if you want to check in with me there (I comment A LOT on my friends’ posts, by the way 🙂 ) feel free to send a friend request: http://facebook.com/karma.musings. I promise I’ll at least message you back, and probably confirm the request, too.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Just Not Excited About Twitter Anymore…

  1. Hi Gurukarm!

    Yeah, I suppose the late adopter riff raff has finally arrived at Twitter 😉 I’m still grateful for Twitter, though, because that’s how I met you, you wonderful lady!

    I’ll seek you out, whichever social network you’re using – Smooches!

    your “Twitterdaughter”, Carla

  2. I have exactly the same feeling about Twitter. I lost interest a few months ago. Now I enjoy FB, not for what it is, but for the people I talk to there, both old and new.

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