Happy Ada Lovelace Day 2010!

Lucky me, last year I happened upon the first “official” celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, and wrote a post at that time to honor a woman in technology whose work I admire, Molly E. Holzschlag, of molly.com.

Thanks to another great Technobabe :-), Deborah E. Finn, who sent us links this morning about it, I again have the chance to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day, for the second year.

There are many many women working in technology these days, who lead the way, educate others, share their knowledge and great personalities. How to choose just one??!

So I think today I’m going to point you all to the wonderful women of BitRebels.com – Diana Adams, Misty Belardo, and Andrea La Valleur-Purvis. These great women, whom I also follow on Twitter (@adamsconsulting, @mistygirlph, and @divinefusion) all post some new and interesting things nearly every day to the BitRebels site – some are directly technologically-related, some not, but all are fun. Check them out today!

And? Happy Ada Lovelace Day!


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