I'm Not Going to BlogHer'10

What? Why would I even, you ask? Because seriously? I’m obviously not really much of a blogger anyway, am I? Almost all of my random, sharable thoughts appear on Twitter, and sometimes Facebook. So, why would I even be thinking about going to BlogHer in the first place?

Because, first of all, for the first time (I think, at least since I’ve paid any attention), it’ll be in New York City, which is sort of in my neighborhood. New England and New York are the same neighborhood, right?

And, that’s where all the cool kids will be. There are a number of people I’d love to meet in person, beginning with Trish from Notes from the Bunker (who I’m Twitter friends with), and Jenny The Bloggess (who doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall, but is one of my favorite ongoing reads). I’d like to meet Catherine, Her Bad Mother, whose blog I’ve followed for quite some time, and whose marvelous pictures of her daughter really cheered me up a lot when I was going through bad job times a couple years ago. It would be fun to meet Tracey of Sweetney.com. There will probably be some interesting men there too who I follow on Twitter and whose blogs I read – Shawn of BackpackingDad; Karl Erikson. There will undoubtedly be other people there too whose blogs I’ve read and enjoyed, who are probably a great deal of fun in person.

But. I’m not one of those folks. As I said in a Twitter conversation the other day, thinking this through with the help of a friend, I’d be the weird hanger-on who recognizes everyone but no one knows. Where’s the fun in that? Yes, I’d love to be part of the “in crowd”, even on the periphery. But really? I think it would be a huge waste of time and money. It’s not like I’d suddenly become BFFs with anyone.

What made me come to this realization was getting a notice from a friend in Houston, with whom I used to live in our Sikh community (ashram) there, about an annual Women’s Weekend they’re planning in April. On the beach. In Galveston. Fun! And yes, many of the women there I wouldn’t know either, but I do know I’d be welcomed with open arms by both my old friends who’ll be attending, and those I haven’t met yet. I wouldn’t feel “on the periphery” if I attended that weekend.

Just seeing the subject line of that email pulled me right up and made me remember who and where I am, and WANT to be. So thanks, Guruatma Kaur jio!


4 thoughts on “I'm Not Going to BlogHer'10

  1. A small group of friends beats a conference any day of the week. But if you DO end up coming to blogher come look for me in the bathrooms. I will totally recognize you. But only after you tell me your blog name. Mostly because, let’s be honest, I’ll probably be drunk.

  2. If you change your mind, I’ll be your BFF. I’ll even run interference while you slip Jenny a roofie so we can take turns wearing her wig. That might not go over well…

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