Changing the Choices

One of the blogs I follow, Smut and Steff, is written by a woman who has accomplished the amazing feat of turning her life around – several times, in fact, if I’m reading right.

One of her recent posts is about emotional eating and making different choices. Something I admire tremendously about her is that over the last year and several months, and through prolonged recovery from a painful back injury, Steff has gotten rid of over 70 pounds. (I am not a fan of the phrase “lost weight”; one normally wants to get back what’s been lost, no?) She’s done this not by following any program or fad diet; she simply (!) lifted herself up and started making different choices, one by one.

Anyway, reading that post made me think all over again about the different choices I need to be making in my own life. A really big one is staying on top of finances. We’re in the middle – well, hopefully close to the end – of a long, drawn-out, unexpected (of course!) car crisis that’s resulting in our having to get a new car. The question being, “new” new car? or used new car? Our credit isn’t totally crash and burn, but neither is it great. And? You know how they tell you owning a home is supposed to be a GOOD thing? Turns out at this juncture of the century, owning a home is, in fact, a “potential negative” so the credit bureaus are telling us. WTF?? I can’t even begin to guess how that happens. Probably, hubs speculates, because our house is now worth less than what we paid and even what we owe on it, since we’ve owned it not quite five years now.

I am trying to ramp myself up to do as Flylady says, and face my finances instead of burying my head in the sand and just breathing each day. Time to make a different choice about how we handle these things!

And, speaking of weight loss, when am I going to follow Steff’s example? and make a different choice here instead of constantly hating on myself for how I look and feel. Anyone? Any ideas on that? No, me either. Sigh. I’ve read what she’s done and thought, oh, well, easy enough for her, she’s just making choices for herself (she’s single and lives alone) without anyone else in the way to make choices for as well, or making choices for her. There, see how easy that was? to make excuses for not changing the choices? Again, sigh.

Well. It’s food for thought for today, anyway.


One thought on “Changing the Choices

  1. I think like Steph we just have to take it one breath at a time, and make conscious choices. Also it’s a good idea to love the body we have, we are likely to take better care of it then if we hate it 🙂

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