Meteor …drop or two

No, it didn't look like this where I am. Cool though, huh?

I’ve never actually gone outside to see the meteors, famously at their peak during November, for the Leonid Meteor Showers. But, as I was awake anyway this morning, I decided to go out and see what there was to see. Had to sneak around the house because I didn’t want to wake hubs, who’d had a restless night anyway and was up for probably over an hour, earlier.

Thought it might be overcast, but when I went out, the stars were out! Hooray. Oh, wait. What about all those lights from the car dealership down the street? and the streetlight a half-block away? and, the neighbors left a light on in their downstairs that’s shining out on their (very close to us) back yard too… Sigh. Light pollution indeed.

Well, but it was nice to be outside in the chilly autumn air, looking up at the sky at all the stars that I could see. It got me thinking about where I grew up, way out in nowhere, central-western New York State, and how amazing the night sky was there. No light pollution where we lived then! Only the velvety black sky with bright bright stars winking down.

(Atlanta, New York)

I only ended up seeing one meteor, for a split split second. Then I got too cold and, after 20 minutes, it seemed a little pointless. Don’t know if I was actually out at the wrong time, or if it’s just too light here. But, it was nice to be outside and have a moment of “Wow. The universe is really really big!”


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