Everybody Needs an Editor

When I used to be in charge of a newsletter for the community I’m part of, which usually meant I wrote most of it, I was blessed to have the eyes and experience of an older woman who lived in our group. She had spent a fair amount of her adult life as an editor, and she really knew what she was doing. Her motto in life, which I’ve adopted as my own, was “Everybody needs an editor.” Her point, of course, was that all writing can benefit from a second pair of eyes.

I happen to have something of an innate ability as a proofreader. When I see random typos or grammatical errors I just cringe, especially when they occur in a piece touting the author’s career or skills as a professional writer. I usually assume such pieces probably have not had that benefit of the second pair of eyes, so it’s hard to fault the error. It’s difficult to catch typos and mistakes in one’s own writing, especially after going over and over it. You just see it in the same way every time.

All of which got me thinking about whether it would be possible to offer proofreading and editing services for a fee to the blogging community. I’ve often been tempted to contact an author to offer some help. Would there be an interest, I wonder? If you’re a blogger, would you pay a small amount to have a second pair of eyes help you look your best online?


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