I know a lot of people have had the un-fun experience of having an argument online with someone they don’t even know, but I never did. Until now. (me me me me – yeah, this is ALL about ME 😉 )

The other day someone tweeted about this post on Shakesville, calling the authors of a book called Freakonomics to task for this article puzzling over why more women don’t choose to be high-end prostitutes (as opposed to street-walkers, apparently is the Freakonomics guys’ point).

And me, big-mouth, shoot-from-the-hip fool that I can be, shot back a quip (and I admitted in the tweet that it was a bad joke) wondering if they (the guys) were “trying to drive down prices”.

My implication was meant to say if there were more high-end prostitutes to choose from, they’d have to charge less – market forces, right? I hadn’t even actually read either of the above linked posts before saying that. Yes, I did say I’m a fool, didn’t I?

So, one of the two people I’d responded to, who I don’t follow nor follows me, came back at me very upset, to tell me my comment was in very poor taste. It took a few more exchanges before I finally snapped to that she thought I was dissing the women. My *intent* had been to diss the men, but apparently it didn’t come off that way, at least not to her. Although I apologized (twice!) for the offense as well as explaining my tweet was aimed at the men, she never acknowledged the apologies, and stiffly ended the exchange by saying my comment was “still at the expense of women who don’t need to be marginalized further”.

I seriously don’t think anyone who is in that profession read my tweets, and very likely wouldn’t care, if they did. They’d probably just write me off as … what? not getting it? stupid? and yes, in bad taste? All could be true, I suppose.

My last tweet to her was labeled “last comment on the topic”. So, instead of responding to her final “at the expense of…” tweet, I’m just going to get my last say here.

OK, Ms. Stick-up-your-a**, I DID say I was sorry for the offense – now it’s your turn – to ACCEPT my apology, get off your high horse, grow a small sense of humor, and let’s move on, shall we? Thanks.

Oh, and? my takeaway? Think before I tweet!


One thought on “arrgghhh

  1. hahaha!
    yes I have been drawn in to the misunderstandings of complete strangers, lacking humor or simply bent on discourse.
    have i learned my lesson,
    i am currently defending my position in an ongoing ‘discussion’ at FB.
    at the end of the day we just need to realize that it isnt real life, it is just the internet.
    and that those folks we are in disagreement with
    might just work in the cubicle next to us

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