Missing Someone I Hardly Knew

gurusimranToday, I read @avitable’s post to @redneckmommy, who is simultaneously celebrating one and mourning another of her children. And it makes me ache all over again for the family of a beautiful, intelligent, witty, and vibrant 14 year old who died recently after a far-too-few-months’ struggle against an inoperable brain tumor.

This amazing child was friends with my kids through school in India. My daughter, then 19, lived at her home one summer that DD spent in LA, and told me frequently what a kick she got out of Guru Simran, and how much fun she was to be around. My son knew her as a good friend, just a year younger than him, at school. I knew her very briefly when I was a guide for her age group at our Summer Solstice yoga retreat’s children’s program. Everyone whose lives she touched mourns her loss very deeply, this sweet, kind, athletic, brilliant child.

I can’t imagine how her mother, father, and sister wake up every day, hit in the face all over again with the fact of her absence. And yet, everything they share publicly celebrates her life, her existence, and her meaning to them and to all of us.

Go. Read about this life that brought light all-too-briefly to our planet. And celebrate her with her family, her friends, and all who knew her. Send your thoughts, your prayers, and, if you’re so moved, a donation to help her family with all the crippling bills left behind.


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