How will we ever get past this?

I just read this post on Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish, and came away with this immediate reaction: WAIT, WHAT??

David Horowitz: “…leftist half-wits…” then, “this energized, unapologetic, in-your-face (but also civilized and intelligent) conservative base”…

Excuse me?? “civilized”?? “intelligent”??? I'd be more open to hearing your viewpoints on health care reform if you spell-checked your protest sign

The “debate” (read: rants, screaming – yes, “in your face” and NOT listening) this “leftist half-wit” has been seeing seems to be far more trashy, ugly, and unkind than “civilized” and “intelligent”. No wonder Mr. Sullivan titled his post Dispatches from a Parallel Universe.

And speaking of titles – the one I used here was also my reaction. If both sides only think of the other as “half-wits”, ranters, ravers, or ignorant…

How will we ever get to a meeting ground on health care or any other issue? How *will* we become civilized again?


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