The Weekend…

ready for the weekend kitteh…is too short. Well, you probably already knew that; you may have the same complaint yourself.

Every weekend I end up torn – on the one hand, I want to relax, have some down time. On the other hand, there is SO much frackin’ stuff to get done. Clean the house, catch up the laundry, this special project, that special project… Stuff I never have time or energy for during the week.

This is partly fall-out from having a three-hour-a-day commute – yes, folks, I’m a fool. But, here in lovely New England, I couldn’t a) afford to live closer to Boston even if I wanted to, or b) get a job that pays me nearly as much as even my non-profit job does, closer to home. And, as previously noted, I do love my job. I hope to stay there forever. It makes the commute totally worth it, once I get there.

But. oh yeah. house stuff. personal stuff. It all suffers. And? here I am, wasting away what time I do have, on the computer. Sigh.

Later, then.


2 thoughts on “The Weekend…

  1. You job must be super-awesome for you to still do a 3-hour commute. What do you do?

    I personally love my hour-and-twenty-minute-a-day commute.

  2. Wow, sounded like you were channeling me there for a moment. I have a close to 3-hour commute daily too, same reasons really. And the weekend is always chock full of cleaning, errands, projects, socialising and so on. Come Monday, sometimes I feel more exhausted than I was on Friday!

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