Darfuri Women: Nowhere to Turn

UPDATE: Please listen to this amazing report from PRI’s The World to hear the words of two of the doctors who conducted the interviews with the women.

Nowhere to Turn coverToday, Physicians for Human Rights, where I work as a web editor, released a report on the effects of sexual violence on Darfuri women who have lived in refugee camps in Chad, for up to six years. The report details interviews conducted by medical doctors with 88 women in the Farchana refugee camp, and gives medical and psychological evidence of the horrors these women underwent in their home villages in Darfur, and since they’ve lived in Farchana in Chad.

I was privileged to do the design/layout work on this report, and many times in reading the content as I went through each page I was torn up and devastated for each of the women, reading what they told the interviewers about what they’ve gone through.

One of the doctors who went to Chad was interviewed for the Boston Globe; her story is published today in this well-written and thoughtful piece.

Yesterday, Bob Herbert of the New York Times also weighed in with an excellent op-ed on why it’s still important to hear these women’s voices, and to respond. What we may think of as “over”, is anything but for the women, men, and children of the refugee camps in Darfur.

Within a few days, we’ll have a petition with some political action to take. In the meantime, send a message to the women of Farchana. Let them know we’re not leaving them to suffer in silence and alone.


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