Attitude of Gratitude

So, in a couple of weeks, it will be a year since I started my current employment. And on the way home from work the other night, I was thinking about how very grateful I am for my job, and how much I love it. It’s said that one of the greatest blessings is having work you love to do. I totally believe this, having been in a job I liked and enjoyed that then went south (…very, very far south…) and I was still in for nearly three years. When I finally left there, I did so under my own power – just barely – and telling everyone that I was “taking a leap and trusting the Universe to catch me”. And did it ever! My faith in that fact took me into my current position in just about 5 weeks, and, as you know, a year ago, the economy still appeared to be pumping away, and there were jobs to be had. It was the best time, in so many ways, to do what I did.

But, I work at a non-profit/NGO. Like everywhere else, the organization’s investments of long-term money have suffered, and yes, we lost some foundation money in the Madoff debacle, and yes, it’s harder for people who care about our work to have money to give. And big-foundation/big donor money is harder to come by. So, yes, I’m worrying. Having a natural-born strong negative mind, I worry about what will happen when the end of the fiscal year comes up in a couple of months. A comment from our acting development director about the difficult state of affairs is not helping calm my negative mind any.

So, keep projecting positive vibes with me, k? that it’ll all work out. I am very grateful, and hope I will continue to have this wonderful situation to work in. I feel like what I do matters. It makes a difference. I want to continue that!


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