Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

adalovelacepicSomeone I know who is a woman working in technology in the non-profit arena today referenced this post: …Ada LovelaceDay, Celebrating The World’s First Computer Programmer, in which bloggers are encouraged to write about a woman they admire working in technology.

My mind immediately turned to an amazing web developer, author, and crusader for standards-based web development, Molly E. Holzschlag, of molly.com. As her site says, “Molly works to educate designers and developers on using Web technologies in practical ways to create highly sustainable, maintainable, accessible, interactive and beautiful Web sites for the global community.”

mollydotcomAs a web editor constantly striving to improve my knowledge of standards-based development, owner of a couple of her books, regular reader of her blog, and follower of her Twitter presence, I personally am very grateful for Molly’s presence in the world of the Web. Thank you Molly, for following so ably in the pioneering footsteps in technology of Ada Lovelace.

Happy Ada Lovelace Day, all!


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