Every once in awhile someone comes up with another little gem of Twitterverse language. A couple I’ve run across:

Twinterview, credit @SookieBonTemps, regarding a Twitter-based blogtalkradio interview she did recently with @truebloodindallas.
Twool, credit @guykawasaki, using Twitter as

Today’s is Twearls, credit @waynemansfield, as in “pearls of wisdom on Twitter”

There are lots more, unfortunately I haven’t been saving them up, but am going to now, just because it’s fun. Check back as I add!

UPDATE: Feb 10 – here’s one from a comment on a Boston Globe article on Twitter: “Twestival -a global initiative to get fresh water to developing nations – that’s been organized entirely on Twitter. This global fundraiser is happening in 175+ cities all over the world this Thursday – and it came together 140 characters at a time.”

Now that is a cool use of Twitter!

UPDATE: Feb 12 – a good one today from @tjonsek: twescort – as in “of course, you wouldn’t want ppl to know you r following a twescort. lol” heehee!


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