Happy New Year and all that

I actually have kind of an aversion to “look-back” articles, news features, blog posts, etc. Lived through it once, yaknow, don’t have to do it again.

But I have to say, in look-backedness, the absolute best part of 2008 was finally screwing up my courage to leave a job that had me totally depressed, unhappy, and put all self-confidence in my abilities into the dumpster. And, in the spirit of what I kept telling everyone at the time, I took the leap of leaving without anything else in place, and the universe did indeed catch me. After only 5 weeks, I started a *great* job, doing what I love, and learning a *lot* about human rights. Great place, wonderful people, amazing work PHR does. Thank you, universe.

And of course, for the country and the world, in my not-at-all-humble opinion, the highlight of the year was the election of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama as President. I just get a big heart-opening smile everytime I hear his voice on radio or TV. Yes, yes, I know – he’s not the second coming or anything, and it’s highly likely he and his administration will have to spend the next four years (hopefully his *first* four years!) just cleaning up the messes the current crowd has left us. But still. At least it’s a voice I am *happy* to hear!

I’d rather not get into the down-sides of this year, you all know them, and it’s definitely covered under “lived through it once”.

So, Happy New Year to all, and may you all be uplifted and uplifting in 2009.


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