The dawning

It’s a new day, folks. You all know that. But do you feel it?? I’ll bet you do. I do. I feel as if I’ve woken from a long, long, depression. I have never, in my memory, gone to the polls with as much anticipation, excitement, and belief in my right as a citizen to vote, and yes, hope, as I did yesterday. For the first time ever, I think, I went into the voting booth with a positive, uplifted, “yes this is right” feeling, instead of feeling I had to hold my nose and vote for …someone, because voting was the right thing to do.

When I came to work today, I wanted to see crowds of people dancing in the streets in celebration. They were there, in my mind’s eye, at least. And I dance with them.

Here’s an uplifting song from There are more at that site too.
(Tried to embed, kept not working, so here’s the link: We Are the Ones, by


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