I’ve been thinking quite a lot about how interesting it is that it seems like nearly all of the people I follow on Twitter seem to be in the same end of the political sphere as I am (progressive/liberal) – many are vigorously supporting Obama (as do I).

So what I think about this is that something that seems like it could be pretty random – who anyone finds to follow on Twitter – really does have a pattern. I had a Twitter account for quite some time, but didn’t really do anything with it; couldn’t see the point. When I started working at PHR last May, I became aware that my boss (@minorjive) was an active twitterer, and started following him. Then I started following a few people he follows, then a few of them started following me, then I started following a few more people some of those people followed or mentioned, then… well, you see how it snowballs.

But, because the place I started following from was a group of pretty progressive people, I found more and more of them and more and more of them found me. People follow like-minded others; if you don’t like what someone tweets about, you unfollow. So, a pattern emerges.

I just think it’s pretty interesting, is all. Don’t you?


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