Life Lessons

Number 1: Never Procrastinate.

Because if you do, the universe is going to hit you with your daughter’s appendicitis, causing a full day spent in the ER waiting on the doctor, then waiting on blood test results, then waiting for her to drink nasty drink that would let them see what they wanted to see during CT scan, then waiting for her to come to her room after the (successful) operation. All this instead of the 40 tasks, errands, etc., you intended to do on Monday (end of 3-day weekend) instead of Sunday which was spent entirely laying around doing nothing. Sigh.

Number 2: Why to be Grateful for Health Insurance

See #1. When we went to get her and bring her home this a.m. from hospital, I told hubs I’d check her out while he went to get the car. Nurse says, no need, just go! Wow. Thank you, universe, for health insurance. (At least until we get a bill from ER, hospital, or whatever.) 🙂


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