How can you? Open letter to McCain/Palin

Dear Senator McCain and Governor Palin,

I am writing as a concerned citizen to ask you, how CAN you, as politicians in America, as human beings, stand and smile while your supporters yell out that Senator Obama should be killed?

I understand disagreeing with Senator Obama’s ideas, stance on the issues, campaign promises. I understand all that because I disagree with your ideas, stances, and promises. But I don’t think calling for you to be killed is a good way to express my disagreement. Do you? How would you feel if it were happening at Obama rallies, that someone called out “Kill him!” when your name was brought up?

I know, Senator McCain, that you’ve started making efforts to calm your supporters down, but more should be done. You both need to come out with very strong statements against such rhetoric. Please. Today.

(sending via web to McCain campaign.)


One thought on “How can you? Open letter to McCain/Palin

  1. I am glad you wrote this letter to John McCain and Sarah Palin’s lack of control of their audiences at rallies. There is no place for violence and mob anger and McCain can do more to quell the rise of open calls for this mentality.

    Enjoy your writings.


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