Putting her daughter in the spotlight…

I’m reading an interesting post on MOMocrats about Sarah Palin’s family values. A large focus of the post is the fact that Gov. Palin accepted McCain’s tap for VP knowing about her daughter’s pregnancy (apparently). The author of the post, Stefania Pomponi Butler, notes “All I have to do is think of my own impressionable self at 17. How would I have felt if I had accidentally and unintentionally gotten pregnant? I would have wanted to hide as far away from the public eye as possible.”

A good point. And one I understand. I did, in fact, accidentally and unintentionally get pregnant when I was 17. I not only wanted to hide from the world, I especially wanted to hide from everyone I knew. So, here’s Bristol Palin, “outed” so to speak, not only before the whole world, but, especially before her friends, and everyone in her school and other social circles. I can totally imagine how that might feel to her. No wonder Ms. Butler thinks “She has such a hesitant, deer-in-the-headlights look about her.”

And, is her mother protecting her? Doesn’t appear to be. So, is she the family-values candidate? Not in my view, no. All these many years later I am still grateful every day to my mom, who was my advocate and often felt like my best friend during that time in my life. Wonder how Bristol will feel about her mom, and her mom’s choices, as time goes on?

Oh, and I heard back from my friend whose friend lives in Wasilla. Amazingly, the woman who wrote this letter actually does exist – the friend-once-removed’s wife knows her, and was one of the friends who received the original letter. So, for what it’s worth, another viewpoint on Sarah Palin. I personally found it pretty useful.


One thought on “Putting her daughter in the spotlight…

  1. I question a woman like Sarah Palin’s spiritual growth when she values her political ambitions more that teaching her daughter about the world around her. Bristol does not look like a content teenager, who should be picking out her college instead of bearing a love child. A responsible parent would teach her children about birth, bearing children and practicing abstinence as her religion teaches Sarah Palin.
    The other bothersome fact is that Sarah Palin cut funding for Alaska’s biggest food bank, and a 40 percent cut in funding for a woman’s shelter that also helps teenage moms giving them a safe haven. Why would anyone promote this woman as a Vice Presidential candidate when she would return us back to the subservient years of women of the 1930’s?

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