I'm so glad…

… McCain didn’t pick Romney. Just started following @nprpolitics on Twitter, he’s posting quotes from tonight’s RNC speeches that are just making me gag. I don’t even want to repeat them, but the general idea is “no gay marriage”, “liberals are bad”, and, “let’s pretend we don’t have massive immigration issues here, America’s the place everyone wants to come to, after all” – no mention of the fact that a lot of Americans want to keep all those everyones out.

Huckabee’s nearly as bad. Search Twitter for @nprpolitics’ Tweets if you’re interested.

And, on another cheerful note, here’s an interesting post from a blog called “My2bucks – Since 2 cents ain’t gonna cut it anymore” (got *that* right!). Gotta wonder if this is a spoof, or the supposed author is real, or, what? My natural skepticism tempered by years of internet use coming out, doncha know. But, if true, also very scary.

Oh, I actually do have a good friend who used to live in Alaska and has a good friend who’s lived in Wasilla for many years (Six degrees of separation here!) – maybe I’ll get my friend to check with his friend as to whether this woman does exist and live there… I’ll let you know if I find out!


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