I totally love Twitter…

Yes, it’s true – new Twitter addict here. I’ve had an account for quite awhile, but never really got into it. Turns out, it’s all in who you follow 🙂

Today’s best Tweet:  “minorjive RT @andrewjcohen: Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant?! This election is now officially better than the final season of West Wing.

Best part of this tweet? minorjive claims he doesn’t watch TV (I know this because he happens to be my boss 😀 ) You’re so busted, dude!

Others to follow? For more good laughs: @theblogess, @mollydotcom, @backpackingdad. For interesting info in non-profit/human rights world: @minorjive, @deborah909, @PHRtweets, more. Techie stuff: also @mollydotcom, @stefsull, more. Best on social media, hands-down: @chrisbrogan.

Lots of people follow hundreds, even thousands, of other folks. Me? 32 at the moment. Not planning to add too many more. Hubs, DD, and DS already think I spend way too much home time on the computer – it’s gotten worse since Twitter! Yes, I have to go refresh about every  *ahem-cough* 10 minutes or so. Alright, really about every 5 minutes. :-/

Oh, and me? @karma_musings if you want to find me there. 🙂


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