Happy Blog Day (thanks Chris Brogan!)

Apparently today is “Blog Day” – found out about it from @chrisbrogan’s tweet then post. Glad to have found that after a really interesting blog I was pointed to in another tweet by Backpacking Dad which I’m now nominating here for Happy Blog Day: Signing Time, by Rachel Coleman.

What to say here? Inspiring? yes, definitely. Moving? absolutely, again. This is the story of a family, and their two daughters who at a casual glance might draw the pity of others, but in fact are both just as “whole” and complete as any other children, thanks to the love, intelligence, and efforts of their mom and dad. Leah, who was born deaf, is the inspiration for a series of videos and a TV show teaching ASL.

Now that my DD and DS are 20 and 14 respectively, the universe of children’s TV is not on my radar any more, but this looks like a really great and fun show, and not just for kids. And something Rachel, her husband Aaron, and Leah all discovered was that signing isn’t useful only for the deaf. When Leah’s little sister Lucy was born with spina bifida and other serious physical issues, one of the things the family discovered was that she too could sign even before being able to speak.

So, check it out!

OK, I just read that you’re supposed to actually talk up FIVE new blogs (new to you, today) for Blog Day – but, I’ve gotta go grocery shopping folks. You’ll have to make do with just one. Sorry.


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