I'm baaaccckkkk!

In the last few days, I’ve been thinking about all the people whose blogs I follow, and often comment on, and how they really don’t know anything much about me. As much as most people really don’t know much about most other people whose blogs they follow (which has been something of a topic on a few blogs recently), because I haven’t been keeping up my end of the blogosphere, you *really* don’t know much about me.

So, I decided I should stop just writing posts in my head, and actually start writing them here again. And maybe some of you all whose blogs I enjoy so much (looking at you, HerBadMother, and you, BlogAntagonist! and you, and you, and you, too – as well all the others not being linked here) will stop by and say hi. I’d like that.

Well, what’s new over the past year? Left the job that I used to love but due to upper management changes and other related – what is that word I see everywhere? “asshattery”? – yeah, that’s it! – grew to hate. Was, most amazingly, out of work only about 6 weeks, and now am at a non-profit/NGO which I am thrilled and very proud to be associated with. Among all the great parts of this job is the work: all web all the time. Huzzah! Oh, and I got a shiny bright new *wonderful* computer today!! 24″ iMac – our CFO absolutely forbids me and the other three people who got ones to gloat, however. Drat! (Only because the budget won’t support the line of jealous people out her door begging for one too 😉 ).

What else? DD’s taking a year off from college to establish residency in Oregon and finish there – yes, on the entire OTHER side of the country. Sigh. At least not on the other side of the world, however, which is where DS is suddenly and unexpectedly returning to boarding school after staying home last year in part due to needed orthodontic work. I’m gonna miss my growing-up baby!


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