what a world, what a world…

OK, I’ve ranted about this before – or maybe not, not here at least (can’t find the post I thought I put up about this! :-/ ) – but, you’ve probably heard about Massachusetts forcing all residents to have health insurance? If it’s not offered through your employer, or you can’t afford it if it is, you may be eligible to get it through this new state agency, the Commonwealth Connector (don’t ask me, I don’t get what the name has to do with insurance, or with health, either. It’s too cutesy if you ask me.)

So, the deal is, essentially, everyone has to have insurance, whether they can afford it or not. Some or all of the costs may be covered by the state, but not really for very many people, I think. Tonight DH (who works for a small, family-owned retailer, and has been having to deal with all the paperwork and hassles of trying to get employer-offered health insurance in place) and I were talking about this new program.

It seems to me, and to him, that the real bottom line here is the insurance companies are going to get their pockets further lined with people’s money, and people who can’t really afford it are going to have to pay two or three hundred bucks a month to buy insurance they won’t be able to really use, because they won’t be able to afford the deductibles and/or copays on top of the new premiums they’re paying. You tell me, how does that promote healthier citizens in the Commonwealth??

Edited 6/22 to add: I’ve started noticing subway and newspaper ads from the insurance companies trying to get people to check them out. They’re salivating and rubbing their hands together at all that green coming their way…


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