OK, I'm succumbing.

Her Bad Mother who also blogs for MommyBlogsToronto (which I’m not much in tune with, sorry folks!) wants all us female types to write about whether, or how, blogging empowers women in general, or oneself in specific. So we can be in the contest, ya see – and it ends at midnight tonight.

So, thought I’d give it a shot. Although I really think I said all I had to say on the subject a few days ago. Does doing this “empower” me? Perhaps. What it really does is give me an outlet to say things I’m thinking about, or don’t want rattling around in my head anymore, or hope perhaps someone will read and/or respond to. Is that empowerment? I think maybe it is. Of some kind, at least.

Oh, and one question on the MBT post – “Is the blogosphere rocking you?” – Yes! definitely. I read several nearly every day, and it makes me feel connected, even though I never have and probably never will meet most of you. So, thanks for your inspiration and connection, and the laughs, and the pics, and the stories of your most amazing kids, and everything.


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