Why I blog…

Recently I’ve noticed a few of the blogs I follow have had some ruminations on how the owner started blogging, what it means to her (usually “her”), how her blogging expanded and became more public. It got me thinking about why I do this.

For myself, obviously, since what I write isn’t read very much. And part of “for myself” is to get things down in pixels (I used to do this on paper, but I really hate the physical act of writing anymore. I’m so lazy!) so that it doesn’t keep going around and around in my brain, edging out better things to think about.

But more, I realize, because I want to be known. I want to be recognized. I want someone to notice. And that’s why when I comment on others’ blogs, which I tend to do much more regularly than actually writing here, I always link to my blog. Perhaps you’ll come look, read, and comment. I’d like that.


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