I'm the new Donald Trump. Oh yeah. (no, wait – that should have been Warren Buffet, no?)

Ok. Done laughing yet? But seriously folks, you have to check out this very cool thing you can do with that spare 25 bucks burning a hole in your pocket (or any upwards increment thereof): go to Kiva.org, pick out some name or story that catches your eye, and you too can join the world of microlending.

Kiva was a feature in this month’s Zipcar members’ newsletter, and it drew my attention. I ended up “loaning” $25 to a man in Kenya who purchases bales of used clothes (like when you put your giveaways in the nice bright yellow Planet Aid clothes boxes), and sells them to local retailers. He asked for $1200 to expand his business. I think the entrepreneurs’ stories are mostly written by themselves, because they are very touching in language and English usage, often. His just grabbed me.

My niece just told me yesterday that this is “National Random Acts of Kindness Week”. She may have just made it up, haha, but it’s a good idea, no? So, go lend someone a few bucks; let it be your random act for this week.



3 thoughts on “I'm the new Donald Trump. Oh yeah. (no, wait – that should have been Warren Buffet, no?)

  1. What a great idea! I always thought that if I won the lottery, I would love to just hand out cash to people on the street. This is better, because you know they have a real need for it. I haven’t won the lottery, but, hey, every little bit helps, right?

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    I think your niece is correct and it is random acts of kindness week. And I really like the idea of microlending. Another way to really help for a small amount is Heifer International. They provide young, female, breeding stock to start small food production either for survival or sale. Like a goat or a cow or a water buffalo or a hive of bees or baby chicks. They teach the recipients how to care for the animal and then when it has its first female offspring, the original recipient gives that and instruction to a new person. Entire villages can be helped like this. They have been doing it since right after WWI.

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