d'ja miss me??

I know it’s been a really really long time, folks. Sorry. I actually have several drafts I never published, but, life moves on; they’re pretty out of date and/or irrelevant now. So.

So. What’s new? Well, one of the posts was going to be about how bad my job had been making me feel, but, since as I wrote then, I really was not willing or ready to be dooced, I never posted it. Now, things have changed quite a bit at work, thank goodness. It’s not perfect, but with the exit of bad boss from my job picture, it’s acceptable. I’m still looking for something new, but not feeling nearly so incompetent, un-employable, stupid, useless… well, you get the picture. So perhaps the return of at least some of my self-confidence will help me come across better in job interviews.

I’m on jury duty next week. Maybe something interesting will come out of that.

See, this is why I don’t post more often. Nothing that interesting goes on.

I have lots of thoughts about current events and stuff, but, by the time I get a chance to post, it’s not “current” events any more. 🙂 But here’s one. D’ja hear about the big uproar this week in Boston? about the “devices” planted by a couple of performance artists hired by a guerilla marketing company which in turn had been hired by Turner Broadcasting Co. to advertise a slacker-oriented middle-of-the-night “adult” cartoon called Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Today on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, there was a quiz question about this uproar. Now, this show is practically my favorite show ever; I laugh a LOT when I listen. But today I think they pretty much laid an egg with their jokes about this. Because they targeted the city’s response to the devices, which were flat boards with LED lights in them in the shape of one of the characters, giving the viewer the finger (think the kids’ game Lite Brite) – this, rather than targeting the stupidity of the marketers, who had the guys place these boards on bridges, train trestles… places your garden-variety terrorist might really like to blow up. And these devices could have been mistaken from the ground view for something more than they were – with duct tape holding wires and batteries to light up the LEDs… OK, maybe there was over-reaction on city officials’ parts, but Boston IS, after all, the city from which the planes originated that were flown into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Folks are sensitive here.

Well. So, that’s all for now. I’ll try to start being more verbose. In bits and bytes, at least. In person… well, you know me! Hah.

Police Officer removing ad plaque from bridge.


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