Confessions of Super Mom

No, not me. A book. A funny and really quite well-written book in fact. (Full disclosure: I got a free copy so I could read it and tell you about it here on my blog. 🙂 )

I can’t even remember now how I stumbled upon the author, Melanie Lynne Hauser’s, offer to receive a copy, but hey, I’m all about free books so I shot off a quick “yes please I’d like to check it out” email and lo and behold heard back from her that yes, I was eligible. Book arrived a few weeks later (it’s coming out in stores and on August 1st for your reading pleasure, by the way) at exactly when I needed something to read (like I don’t need something all the time anyway!) so I dove right in.

Birdie Lee is a divorced mom of two teens, trying to keep her self-respect by being the best mom ever, best housekeeper ever, best grocery store cashier ever, and not letting her ex, “Doctor Dan”, get her down with his disdain and dislike of all things Birdie. The story opens with the Horrible Swiffer Accident (all product placement appears to be intentional 🙂 ) that creates our new super hero[ine] SuperMom.

As with all good super heroes, Birdie evolves into her role, from first horror to “ok, this might be cool” to “SuperMom to the rescue!”, with neat super powers also in attendance – like Super Mom Sense that lets her know when a kid is in trouble, or about to be (she saves a toddler about to fall over a cliff after wiggling through a hole in a fence, for instance). And of course, she has her Nemesis as well. Or, what’s the plural of nemesis? Nemeses? Anyway, they’re a couple – Lex and Patty, owners of New Cosmos, a local business busily addicting kids and their families to “Patriot Pops” and other sugary (in ingredient and name both) treats while employing much of the town and thus looking like the good guys. They’re also the heads of the school PTA where Patty specializes in appointing Birdie to all the most boring and nastiest tasks for every PTA event, because, after all, she’s just Birdie, no one important.

Events continue apace, and our heroine falls in love, rescues kids and teens alike (often from themselves in the case of the teens), learns a lot about her new self, confronts her nemesis, and so on. Really, I’m making it sound rather rote, but while it is a bit fluffy, it’s definitely a fun read. So I think I’ll put it out on Bookcrossing for a book ring. Interested in reading it? Check it out here.

From the author’s website:
Suddenly endowed with super powers, Birdie – aka Super Mom – must learn to use the powers to save her town from an evil villian, while juggling teenagers, a smug ex-husband, a troubled friendship and the possibility of a second chance at love. Will she manage it? Will she battle the evil villian with one hand and patch up her teenaged daughter’s broken heart with the other? And most importantly – will she ever manage to fight crime while wearing high heels? Read CONFESSIONS OF SUPER MOM to find out!


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