More music

It was a day for new music yesterday. Not only did I find Rose Melberg (see previous post) but also, in researching some brief lyrics someone posted in a comment on this very moving post, I discovered this singer/songwriter who is reminiscent of the sound of Gordon Lightfoot. Which he himself is obviously aware of, since one of the songs that comes up if you search him on iTunes is called “A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot” 🙂 I used to love Gordon Lightfoot…

I love iTunes. I love being able to purchase one or two or a few songs off a CD instead of having to buy the whole thing and finding out I really don’t care for most of it. Or being able to purchase a whole CD for (usually) about 10 bucks instead of oh-so-much-more. I love finding new music and musicians. I love being able to add all this stuff to my clunky old, definitely-not-as-sexy-as-an-iPod MP3 player (a Creative Nomad Jukebox 2 if you can believe it!) which nevertheless has great sound. And listening to it all on my commuter train ride home.

So. There you go.


One thought on “More music

  1. I had a nomad. It felt like holding the future in my hand when I first bought it. Now I have a Nano the Nomad feels as futuristic as a mangle.

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