How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm…

…when they’ve seen gay [marriage in their future]??? Well, the Massachusetts legislature is sure being pushed into trying. Sigh.

I’m sorry, but, WTF?? What is it about two people wanting to marry, make a life commitment to each other, maybe raise a family, buy a house, be part of their community – what IS it that is SO threatening about this??? Just because the two people in question happen to be the same gender.

DH and I are going on 29 years of marriage, and I don’t find gay marriage to be in any way threatening to our relationship. What’s threatening to our relationship is when DH, once again, doesn’t take the damn soda cans 7 steps from the pantry to the recycling bag in the kitchen. (Yes, I’ve paced it out.) What’s threatening to our relationship is when DH, once again, puts down the wrapper, or banana peel, or whatever garbage is generated when he gets breakfast, on the pantry counter instead of turning his head a quarter turn and dropping it in the trash can at his feet. (There’s a True Wife Confession brewing here!) When I start brooding on these hitches in daily living is when I’m seriously ready to divorce his ass, not when the newest mano-a-mano couple ties the knot (or girls, either 🙂 ). And, oh yeah, why aren’t we constitutionally banning divorce if we’re so godawful worried about the safety and sanctity of marriage in this country? Can anyone explain this version of homophobia to me? No? That’s what I thought.


3 thoughts on “How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm…

  1. True Wife Confessions…what a depressing site.

    Gay marriage…I agree with you. What is it about exclusion that is so comforting for certain people/religions? Live according to my beliefs, or else? Doesn’t that have a familiar ring, Middle East-wise? It makes me sad. My mother stressed tolerance in my up-bringing. I am afraid of people who would take away my rights under the guise of ‘protecting’ me, not gay marriage.

  2. Yeah, I agree – True Wife Confessions is one of those car-crash sites you can’t seem to look away from, but so often walk away afterward feeling not very good about your own relationship. However, that said, Dawn is providing a great service for women to have a place to vent when they have nowhere else. I’m just not sure I can read Every. Single. One. like I was for awhile.

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