Happy 4th of July!

will it rain? we hope so! land needs it so...We’re home from a wonderful time in New Mexico. Saw lots of friends, did some Tantric Yoga, went to Ojo Caliente – no massage time available, but we had fun in the mud bath, soda pool, big pool, and more – SOOOO relaxing afternoon! What else…? Oh, we went to Santa Fe’s Museum Hill and visited the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture to see the Here, Now and Always exhibit. Plus some fun shopping in Santa Fe, of course. Including the Santa Fe Flea Market (famous, and always lots of fun). This pic was taken from the parking lot there. And LOTS of great New Mexican food. Green chilis, yum! They feel SO healthy. I actually lost an inch or so around my waist while we were away.

Our time away was wonderfully capped off by DD’s high school graduation on Saturday the 24th and the wedding and reception of some dear friends on Sunday. Some very cool pics and music from the wedding are posted at Gurumustuk Singh’s Mr. Sikhnet blog (scroll down to June 29th and “Back to the Wedding”, and earlier).

All DD’s class (except for two, who were traveling) were at graduation, and I’m so happy to say this was the best MPA graduation yet – which was exactly my goal 4 or 5 years ago when I started talking to people about how to improve on how it had been held up to that time.

smiling class
And I’m so grateful to the folks who took up my ideas and ran with them to start making the ceremony everything it should be to honor and recognize these amazing kids every year. When DS graduates in 6 more years, it will really be stellar! 🙂


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