Callous? or…

We still miss Beck, and call out the back window for him – no, he didn’t reappear while we were away I’m sorry to say. But DH promised DS if Beck didn’t come back, we could get a new kitty to ease the hole in DS’s, and all our, hearts. So, last Tuesday DS and I went off on an adventure to the Milton Animal Shelter to see Alice, a young cat DS found on It turned out Alice was very aloof, not interested in seeing us or anyone, but there was a 10-week-old black kitty girl there who was overjoyed – and frenetically energetic! – to see us and play with us. So, home she came with us. Now named Coco (after Coco Crisp – we ARE a Red Sox household after all! – good thing the name is good for either sex – there was Coco Chanel, too), this little girl can hardly sit still for her portrait (hence the fuzzy focus). We’re already in love. And if Beck comes home, we hope he’ll love her too. Tiger’s not so sure, yet…



2 thoughts on “Callous? or…

  1. Oh, this looks like my kitty looked before she was fat and mean and lost all the hair on her belly from dragging it on the rug. Love the name but I’ll have to go with the Chanel reference. We are a YANKEES household after all 😉

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