Lost kittie :-(

Our boy Beckham disappeared last week and hasn't been seen since… we're very sad, he's a sweetie. I'm afraid some other animal (coyote maybe) got him. But I walked up into the woods behind our house where he likes to go, so did DS, but we didn't see any evidence of that. Our little Tiger cat did this several years ago and turned up after three weeks. Maybe Beck will too… we hope.

DS wrote a poem about it:

Every time I’m in the woods.
I think of him, my cat Beckham.
He helped me fill a space in my mind for love.
I cry when I say his name.

I think what if coyotes or foxes ate him or maybe
He got lost and can’t find his way home.

What if he’s under some log?

It was my fault I shouldn’t have
Pretended not to love as much.

I can’t go on this way not
Knowing where he is or what he’s doing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that
I miss him I loved him and now he’s gone.



5 thoughts on “Lost kittie :-(

  1. When Keillor, our cat, went missing 4 years ago, I also assumed that something ate him. We have fisher cats and coyotes here. Bean was a hunter, and was fearless, so to not make it home meant that he had to be mortally wounded.

    I still grieve for him some days.

  2. thanks folks for your thoughts… we’re still away, and I haven’t heard anything from our “catsitter” so I have to assume he is not home and will not be. 😦

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