Do you like reading?

I do. I’m an inveterate reader, always have been. I’m a member of a great website,, and a related YahooGroup, through which I get to find out about amazing reads that I might not otherwise have ever run across.

Case in point: I’ve just finished a wonderful book received through a bookring (sort of a round robin of reading – book’s owner collects names of interested readers, sets up a list, sends book to first person who reads, sends to next, etc etc – the book eventually goes back to its owner, who more often than not “releases it into the wild” – more about that at!) But I digress – the wonderful book is called In Sunlight, In a Beautiful Garden, which is a fictionalized account of lives and events leading up to a horrific tragedy, the Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood of 1889.

in_sunlightI’m not going to review the book here; I’m going to ask you to go to the Bookcrossing site and read the journal entry ( #25,) I posted for the book there; perhaps while you’re there you’ll be inspired to become a Bookcrosser yourself! I hope so; in my mind there’s nearly nothing (after spending time with my kids) that’s more worthwhile than reading.

OK then.


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