Perusing the news…

from the New York Times: “Woman Dies After Going on Disney Space Ride” – a 49-year-old German tourist was the second person in less than a year to die after taking the ride Mission: Space, on which “passengers experience twice the force of gravity” (emph. mine). She had become dizzy and nauseated after taking the ride, fell into a coma and later died. The prior death was a 4-year-old boy who, the autopsy showed, had a rare, undiagnosed heart ailment.

HUH????? Doncha suppose there’s a reason NASA makes astronauts and others who they’re going to launch into space have full physicals, be certified healthy and fit, before “experiencing twice the force of gravity”????

And Disney’s response? They “completed a thorough inspection” of the ride and “found it to be operating properly”. Unhuh. I’ll just bet they did. Did they also examine the heads of the ride creators who thought this ride was a good idea and find them to be operating properly?


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