Feminist? who, me?

Interesting and well-written post I just read at Mom101’s blog, about feminism. I can’t say, like many of her commentators, that I was raised by feminists, at least not overtly. But my mom worked outside the home nearly her entire adult life (thus setting a good example of capability); my dad never once told me I “couldn’t do something because I was a girl”. But I grew up with a pretty keen sense of the stupid injustices of the world in regard to women (this being 50s through the early 70s.)

Funny story: many years ago when we lived in Houston, I worked for a developer, small company owned by a gay man and his silent partner – I mention the gay part because of his habit, when angry at a woman, of calling her “Honey” in a very abrasive tone. He tried it on me just once – and I rounded on him and said, (dripping acid here) “Don’t EVER call me ‘honey’!” He reared back in surprise, and we settled whatever the issue was, but he never did again.

Quite a long time later (couple of years) I found out from another woman who did work for us as well that Peter had thought that I didn’t want him to call me honey because it was against my religion (I’m a Sikh) – I laughed so hard, and said to her, “no, it’s against my feminisim!!!”


2 thoughts on “Feminist? who, me?

  1. Here I am, clicking over to your blog to tell you that I thought your comment on my post was incredible. And what a surprise–links! To me! So very nice of you. Glad to have found my way here.

    It sounds like you have an amazing story to tell. I’m so glad I inspired some sort of introspection. That’s pretty darn cool, if I do say so.

    Oh and totally agree that Sweatpants Mom’s profile is great. It cracks me up every time I see it, which is pretty much every day.

  2. Kind of you to say so! Please come back again – I’ve started posting a bit more often, and added the URL as my email sig from this address; perhaps there’ll be a few more visitors!

    And I really like your blog, thanks for sharing.

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