So, out on an errand this evening I was listening to …I’m not sure what show on NPR, but some guy was reading an essay about his adopted daughter, who was Korean by birth, and how very much she wanted to meet her birth mother. After quite a lot of angst, the family somehow arranged for this to happen, traveling to Korea when the little girl was 11. Although she only met briefly with the birth mother, who was very fearful of her now-husband and children finding out about the earlier pregnancy and resultant child, the chance to meet at all and have some questions answered (“why did you give me up?” (the mother had been only 16, and full of shame); “where is my father?” (mother didn’t know); and “when I was born, did you get to hold me?” (no – to which the interpreter stepped in and said to the mother, but you can now…)) was a miracle.

After this the child told her adoptive parents that she felt like a tiny hole in her heart had been healed.

Friends know that I gave up a child who was born when I was 18, and that in 2001 I was very very blessed to meet him again and become a part of his life. My prayers for that baby were answered; he grew up a dearly beloved son to two wonderful people, and is a marvelous and dear man. And in my heart, a tiny seed I never even knew was there, which had lain dormant for over 30 years, bloomed with love and gratitude. I SO understand that little girl with the newly healed hole in her heart…


5 thoughts on “adoption…

  1. WOW what an amazing experience. I think you have a lot of forthcoming blog fodder.

    THanks so much for the kind words at my place. I don’t know how much I look like Marlee Matlin…but then, I don’t know how much I look like anyone people say I look like (ranging from Celine Dion to Jennifer Aniston to Mayim Biyalik. Yikes.)

  2. How cool that you were able to meet your son and you have a relationship with him now! I recently reunited with my bmom. Like THREE days ago. I’m still absorbing the experience, and am delaying writing about it. Still in shock I think, even though it went well.

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