Letters to the Editor

Recently I’ve noticed a number of things in the Boston Globe I’d love to respond to, but – for whatever reason – haven’t. But they keep weighing on my mind, so I’m going to mention them here.

Today’s “Letter to the Editor” is in regard to an article in the Sunday Globe Magazine, touting the new “hipness” of crochet. OK, I’m good with that, as a crocheter of many (many!) years’ standing. BUT, that cute Ralph Lauren belt you’re showing off? Sorry, that’s macramed, not crocheted. And, crocheters use HOOKS, not needles (as mentioned in the very first line of the review).

Silly little quibbles, right? Right. But, if they can’t get easy stuff like this right, how can we trust them to be getting the big stuff right and tell us the truth on those? …

This link won’t be good for long, but: “Crochet Can You See”

OK, more later folks.


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