Well!! font problems finally fixed

Dear readers (I know there are two or three of you out there!) – apparently the blog gremlins were at my little home here on the web – somehow my previous post font got set as “Webdings” – but it only appeared so in IE on PCs – people kept emailing me, and I kept checking – but in Firefox and Safari on my Mac at work, and Firefox on our PC at home – kept forgetting MS still rules the world at – what is it now – about 80+% of users?? using Internet Explorer?

Anyway, I finally traced out the problem and fixed it. Hope you can all see it properly now. And seriously folks, check out Firefox – it’s SOOOO much better!!!

And Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Good Solstice, as well as a bright and merry New Year to all and anon…



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